Infant Curriculum

Why wait to introduce your infant to literacy? At Collina Kids Academy, Literacy begins in the Infant Room with the‘Your Baby Can Read’ Curriculum.  Tens of thousands of brain connections are made each second in the first years of an infant’s life, creating the most natural time for infants to learn. As seen on CNN & MSNBC, ‘Your Baby Can Read’ is a cutting edge curriculum designed to maximize this window of opportunity by teaching infants the written word naturally and easily beginning at the age of 3 months.
Collina Kids Academy integrates ‘The Active Learning For Infants’  to ensure that infants gain vital skills to meet developmental milestones through activities that focus on listening and talking, physical development, creativity, and the world around them.

Toddler Curriculum

Toddlers have an overwhelming need to investigate their curiosities and express new emotions. ‘Creative Curriculum For Todders’ is a highly recognized curriculum designed to teach toddlers by capitalizing on these natural curiosities. Special emphasis is placed on building toddler’s vocabulary so they can begin to communicate their own feelings. Using ‘Creative Curriculum,’ children develop social relationship skills, explore the alphabet, and develop important skills ranging from learning basic numbers to science concepts. The research based curriculum fosters social & emotional development while supporting cognitive brain development.

Pre-K 3 Curriculum

Three year olds begin to understand the world around them and put all the pieces together.  They acknowledge their surroundings and start asking more “who”, “what”, “when” and “why” questions to cure their curiosities.  “Creative Curriculum for Preschoolers” is designed to teach your child to enjoy literacy by creatively fostering their curiosities and need for exploration.  Curriculum focuses on oral vocabulary, comprehension, phonological awareness, and understanding print, letters and words.
The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool integrates mathematics skills in an engaging and meaningful way.  Children learn number concepts, patterns and relationships, geometry and spatial sense, measurement, data collection, organization, and representation.  These important skills include reasoning, problem solving, communication, connections, and representations.

Pre-K 4 VPK

Collina Kids Academy Prek-4/VPK programs teach “Imagine It!” Curriculum “Imagine It!” is a comprehensive Pre-K Reading and Language Arts curriculum that combines the strength of proven, research based instruction with fun, friendly and engaging features that ignite our VPK students interest in reading.  Imagine It! is a highly effective curriculum that is taught at the most prestigious private schools throughout the nation.
 “Imagine It!” completely addresses the five key areas of Reading; Phonemic awareness, Explicit Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension.  Pre-K 4/VPK students develop critical reading and writing strategies needed for success.  Lessons are tailored to each individual student whether they are Approaching Level, On Level, or Above Level.
By tapping into their imaginations, Collina Kids Academy Preschool and Child Care Center helps students of all ages unleash their own personal potential!
Pre K