1. Pre-k teachers are like Macgyver they can make anything out of glue and Popsicle sticks
  2. Pre-k teachers know the names of all the children in the pre-k program but many times forget their owns children’s names
  3. Pre-k teacher have a song all activities like brushing your teeth, tying your shoes, cleaning up and even going potty
  4. Glitter is the enemy
  5. Pre-k teachers have the patience of the Pope
  6. Pre-k teachers know where everything is at in the isles of Hobby Lobby
  7. Pre-k teachers experience a level of tiredness that few of us will ever know
  8. Pre-k teachers are amazing at multitasking , wiping noses while reading a book and tying a shoe
  9. Pre-k teachers know that hugs are better than anything when it comes to making a child feel better
  10. Pre-k teachers are simply amazing!