Collina Kids Academy is happy to announce that our newly re-designed site is now available online for all users.  You’ll be able to see our site properly on all devices including the computer, tablet, I-phone, I-Pad and Droid.  Over eighty (80) percent of all end users are now using mobile devices to shop for companies available for childcare.  Our new site is mobile friendly and responsive for these users. We offer many options for parents and post news and information regularly on our website to include weekly nutritional menus and news letters which contain helpful information. Our kids are our future and how we work with them daily, nurture and educate them is a top priority for our staff of caring professionals.

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Halloween Safety for children

The fall season has arrived and our kids will soon be enjoying Halloween and the treats as well.  Halloween safety is paramount and all parents should read the Halloween Safety Article here which is provided to us from the Centers for Disease Control.  There are many tips which can protect your child as they enjoy the holiday. Danger does lurk around every corner and it is important to make the environment safe for our children.  Many parents are opting to have a Halloween party at home or to go to a very public venue offering fun and treats for the holiday.


Happy Halloween 2014Have a safe and happy Halloween and hurry back for more news and views.
Collina Kids and staff.